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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software


SliceView module: Display GPR Data as Depth Slices and Slice Down to Reveal Targets

Included in Reveal, 3D Reveal, Suite, and 3D Suite Bundles DOWNLOAD INFORMATION

Create Depth slices from lines or grids to better visualize large volumes of GPR data.

Visualize large volumes of grid data in a map view as a series of depth slices. Scroll down through the slices to assist with interpretating the data.


Save time in the field by collecting georeferenced line data rather than an XY grid. Then use SliceView-Lines to process the line data into depth slices – a powerful way to visualize GPR results.

Once processed, depth slices are displayed as a layer in the MapView window in EKKO_Project.

depth slices in MapView

Depth slices in MapView can be saved as GIF animation files, used to help spot features in your data as part of the analysis.

GIF animation files

Export depth slices and display on Google Earth.

depth slices on Google Earth

EKKO_Project now automatically generates 3D images in the Voxler software, to make it easier to find features of interest in your grid data.

3D images in the Voxler software

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