Pavement Structure
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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software

Pavement Structure

Pavement Structure module: Extract road layer thicknesses and generate a report

Specialized module can be added to Examine, Reveal, Suite or 3D software bundles, enabling you to extract road layer thickness and generate reports to aid in road inspection and maintenance.

Optional module for Examine, Reveal, 3D Reveal, Suite & 3D Suite Bundles DOWNLOAD BROCHURE DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE REPORT

Pavement Structure Report module

Automatically generate road layer thickness charts from interpreted GPR data to aid in road inspection and maintenance.

Quickly process road survey results into meaningful subsurface information with a pre-defined GPR Pavement Structure Report that includes statistics and detailed thickness information of picked layers.
Correlate road layer boundary information from cores to the GPR data by adding polyline interpretations.
If cores are not available, road layers can be picked based in the interpreting the GPR reflection.
Detailed layer thickness information is available interactively, using the mouse cursor, or output to a CSV spreadsheet file for further data analysis.
This analysis and reporting tool can also be applied to any layered structures such as rail beds, runways, water depth and bathymetry, snow and ice thickness and layered geology and combined with our easy to deploy GPR systems, provide a tool for meaningful subsurface information.

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