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Low Frequency (12.5 to 200 MHz)

Antennas Overview

pulseEKKO® provides interchangeable antennas with bandwidths of 12.5, 25, 50, 100 and 200 MHz. All antennas are lightweight, flexible and portable with simple assembly and support structures. All the antennas have the option of adjustable handles (shown in the pictures below). The 50, 100 and 200 MHz antennas can also be deployed on a SmartCart or in the SmartTow configurations.

 pulseEKKO® Antennas Overview
Antennas Overview

12.5 MHz Antennas


  • Very deep geologic sounding applications such as determining bedrock structure
  • Glacier and ice sheet depth
pulseEKKO GPR 12.5 MHz Antennas
pulseEKKO® GPR 12.5 MHz Antennas
Antenna length: 8m

25 MHz Antennas


  • Geologic applications such as hardrock structures
  • Glacier and ice sheet depth sounding
pulseEKKO GPR 25 MHz Antennas
pulseEKKO® GPR 25 MHz Antennas
Antenna length: 4m

50 MHz Antennas


  • Geologic sounding and geotechnical evaluation
  • Hydrogeologic stratigraphy
  • Glacier depth sounding
  • Fresh water bathymetry
pulseEKKO GPR 50 MHz Antennas
pulseEKKO® GPR 50 MHz Antennas
Antenna length: 2m

100 MHz Antennas


  • Geologic mapping and geotechnical surveys
  • Deep buried utility locating
pulseEKKO GPR 100 MHz Antennas
pulseEKKO® GPR 100 MHz Antennas
Antenna length: 1m

200 MHz Antennas


  • Geotechnical and deep archeology surveys
  • Tank and barrel location, buried utility locating
  • Buried wall and man-made structure detection
pulseEKKO GPR 200 MHz Antennas
pulseEKKO® GPR 200 MHz Antennas
Antenna length: 0.5m

Low Frequency Antenna Electronics

The antenna electronics package contains fibre optic–linked, battery-powered transmitter and receiver electronics modules. The receiver provides full digital data acquisition at the receiving antenna. Fibre optics provides the high performance needed for low frequency deep GPR sounding. The antenna electronics have quick snap–on assemblies to support 12.5, 25, 50, 100 and 200 MHz bandwidth antenna sets.

Low Frequency Antenna Electronics
Low Frequency Antenna Electronics


pulseEKKO has regulatory-compliant transmitters available for every country in the world.


pulseEKKO® has two receiver options, the pulseEKKO® PRO (Model 1600) and the pulseEKKO® Ultra (Model 3200).

pulseEKKO® PRO Receiver – Tested by time, the pulseEKKO® PRO Receiver delivers clean, high-quality data for all low frequency GPR applications. For over a decade, this receiver has allowed GPR professionals to collect data on the most remote corners of the earth. The superior data it produces has been the backbone of countless published papers and professional reports.

pulseEKKO® PRO
pulseEKKO® PRO (Model 1600)

pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver – The Ultra Receiver uses the latest in GPR technology to allow users to see up to 2 times deeper. This receiver is fast enough to stack GPR traces thousands of times lowering the noise floor so weaker, deeper GPR signals are detected. The Ultra Receiver stacks thousands of times, allowing GPR practitioners to see GPR signals 100 times smaller than before. High stacking increases the dynamic range of the data from 16-bit to 32-bit. Click here to learn more.

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pulseEKKO® Ultra
pulseEKKO® Ultra (Model 3200)

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