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Sensors & Software’s active involvement in the field of GPR innovation has created a vast reservoir of technical and support knowledge of value to the GPR community. You can now access some of our extensive GPR resource library on-line. Check regularly as more items are being added all the time.

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GPR Case studies

GPR sees use in a wide range of interesting and challenging applications.  One of the best ways to learn about GPR and whether it can provide you with a solution is to see how GPR has been used by others. 

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USA GPR Soil Suitability Map

GPR effectiveness depends on local soil conditions. Some soils are transparent to GPR waves and others are not. As a result, GPR exploration depth varies from area to area.

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Best Practices

Sensors & Software’s experienced professionals collaborate with customers, scientific leaders and industry champions to continuously push the boundaries of technology and deliver cutting-edge GPR solutions for real-world applications.

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Regulatory documents

Sensors & Software Inc ensures that all its equipment is in full compliance with the following regulatory agency requirements for Ultra-wideband equipment.

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