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GPR Soil Suitability Maps

GPR effectiveness depends on local soil conditions. Some soils are transparent to GPR waves and others are not. As a result, GPR exploration depth varies from area to area.

To reduce GPR user uncertainty, there is a growing need to develop what are called “GPR suitability” maps which indicate the performance expected in a given area.

The US Department of Agriculture has pioneered this effort by transforming soil maps developed for agricultural purposes into GPR suitability maps and have made them freely available on the web. Other jurisdictions are following suit but progress is slow.

CAUTION! GPR suitability maps are never a substitute for local experience. Soil conditions can vary on a much smaller scale that most maps available, GPR suitability maps should be used as a guide and never as an absolute indicator of GPR performance.

US GPR Soil Suitability Map

U.S. GPR Soil Suitability Map