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Mining & Quarrying

Explore hardrock (kimberlites, quarry stone) and sedimentary (potash) Map stratigraphy Detect hazards for mine safety

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GPR sees widespread use in mining, quarrying & tunneling. GPR can detect changes in rock type and sense major structures such as fractures, faults and joints. Specific applications include defining geology structure, mineral exploration, overburden thickness determination, mine site evaluation, tunneling design, rock mass stability, placer deposit grading and ore zone delineation.

Placer & Mineral Exploration
Tunneling & Underground Mines
Quarry Rock Quality

Placer & Mineral Exploration

GPR is used worldwide for mineral exploration. The most common use is exploration for fluvial deposits of gold and diamonds as well as beach deposits of titanium and iron-rich heavy minerals. Other GPR uses include detection and tracking of mineral-rich veins, major fault zones, and lateritic nickel exploration.

  • custom_app_placer1Waterborne placer exploration
  • custom_app_placer2Uranium exploration in Africa
  • custom_app_placer3Kimberlite exploration in Tanzania

Tunneling & Underground Mines

A number of geologic challenges can be addressed with GPR. Whether attempting to examine rock mass stability or locate mineralized zones, GPR provides a powerful method of looking into the subsurface. Salt and potash present highly favourable settings for using GPR.

  • custom_app_Tunneling1Tunneling Hazards
  • custom_app_Tunneling2Mine Safety (Loose Rock)
  • custom_app_Tunneling3Structural Mapping

Quarry Rock Quality

Extraction of rock for building stone requires the selection of sound and workable rock. GPR’s ability to detect structure integrity and undesired jointing and cracking prior to extraction deliver major economic benefit. Marble, granite and limestone quarrying operations worldwide use GPR for critical development decisions.

  • custom_app_Quarry1Limestone Quarry Evaluation
  • custom_app_Quarry2 Building/Dimension Stone Integrity

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Case Studies

GPR for Kimberlites

Kimberlites often host diamonds – the challenge is to determine if diamonds of economic significance are present. In some settings, GPR provides a powerful way to addressing this challenge.

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