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Corporate Office:
Sensors & Software Inc.
1040 Stacey Court
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 2X8 Canada
Telephone: 905-624-8909
Toll-free: 1-800-267-6013
Fax: 905-624-9365



Sensors & Software Inc. is recognized worldwide as an innovative designer and manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) instrumentation and software. We develop GPR systems and software for numerous applications, including utility locating, concrete scanning, structural assessment, mining and quarrying, forensics, archaeology, geology, geotechnical and environmental assessment, glaciology, agriculture, and UXO detection.


Simplicity of use, reliability and industry leading data quality are cornerstones of our business. Our GPR solutions come in a variety of practical configurations and have intuitive user interfaces to ensure optimal data collection and performance. The combination of our diverse expertise, years of experience, world-leading products, comprehensive training resources and responsive service enables delivery of practical and effective solutions that empower our customers to make informed decisions.


Sensors & Software joined Radiodetection in November 2020 and now is a part of SPX Technologies, expanding Radiodetection’s ground penetrating radar (GPR) offering. With offices and a network of dealers worldwide, we are well-positioned to serve our existing customers and cultivate new markets.


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In addition to Sensors & Software, Radiodetection offers a broad range of solutions across a group of brands, including:


Damaging buried utilities can be both expensive and dangerous and can also seriously impact companies’ reputations. Superior detection tools, such as Radiodetection’s, allow you to identify and trace underground infrastructure. Radiodetection’s product range are comprised of precision locators, cable avoidance tools, magnetic locators, ground penetrating radar (GPR), dehydrators and cable test technology.
To learn more about Radiodetection and its products, please visit www.radiodetection.com


Schonstedt is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing Magnetic Locators, which aid in detecting, tracing, repairing, maintaining and recovering ferrous metal objects, up to 20’ (6 m) below the surface of the ground. Schonstedt joined Radiodetection in March 2018 and strengthened the core solutions offered by Radiodetection.
To learn more about Schonstedt and its products, please visit www.schonstedt.com


The Dielectric range of products is designed for dry air pressurization. With over 60 years’ experience, the Dielectric Range has refined its technology to provide the most trouble-free and environmentally friendly dryers available.
To learn more about Dielectric and its products, please visit www.dielectrictechnologies.com

Why are we the professionals’ choice?

We are recognized worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) instrumentation and software. Our solutions allow our customers to meet the demands of todays rapidly evolving environments including Utility locating, Construction, Forensic & Law Enforcement, Mining & Quarrying, Geotechnical, Archaeological, Agriculture & Forestry, Ice & Snow and Military.

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One of the founders of the company, Peter pioneered the development of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) methods and instruments and digital airborne electromagnetic (AEM) instrumentation development. Peter’s scientific research is recognized worldwide with numerous awards for his pioneering work in GPR. He has authored numerous scientific publications, patents, and technical reports and served on numerous government and professional committees.
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Greg has an honours BSc in geophysics in 1988 from the University of Western Ontario. He started his geophysics career in the oil industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, doing the seismic interpretation for the Frontier Divisions of Texaco Canada and Imperial Oil. He joined Sensors & Software in 1992. His responsibilities have included data acquisition and post-processing software development for GPR systems, customer training, technical support, and technical sales. In more than 25 years with Sensors & Software, Greg has trained customers on GPR in more than 45 countries. He is currently Market Manager for the Academic & Research market, promoting pulseEKKO® PRO, NOGGIN®, SPIDAR® and custom systems as well as the EKKO_Project™ GPR processing software.
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Troy is the Training Manager at Sensors & Software Inc. and has been with the company for 21 years. In addition to delivering training courses to customers worldwide, he has been a guest lecturer for courses in engineering & non-destructive testing at various universities. Troy holds a B.Sc (Hon) degree in physics from York University in Toronto, Canada.




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