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Subsurface Reflections Blog

Time and frequency – pulses and spectra

In the prior blog, we addressed the jargon that springs up around GPR regarding time and frequency and attempted to provide a basic explanation of the terms. In most instances, visualization of the concepts is the best way to demonstrate these ideas. To increase…
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GPR Jargon – How do we say what we mean?

In attempting to discuss a topical aspect of GPR, I realized how confusing we have allowed the GPR world to become to the average user. The expanding and advancing of the GPR world means that new uses and terms continuously appear. The characterization…
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GPR Jargon – Time and Frequency

The last blog on jargon was driven by frustration about how far we, in the GPR community, have drifted from the fundamentals. Our devices and methods are clearly not readily understood by the general user community. Teaching new users makes the problem abundantly…
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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and drones – double jeopardy!

For the past 5 years and more, we at Sensors & Software have received a continual and growing stream of inquiries about mounting GPR on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, most commonly called drones). The opportunity of merging these technologies is truly…
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GPR Regulation – Facts and Fiction

GPR use is regulated! What does this mean? There are two parts to regulation which are summarized as follows. Manufacturers must have devices which are government-approved. In order to be government approved, GPR devices must be tested at a certified test facility and…
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The role of regulations in GPR

GPR is one of the few geophysical technologies that is subject to heavy regulation. We are fortunate even to be able to have GPR systems to use at this time. Given the starting point and the weight of objection that first appeared about 20 years ago, we are indeed…
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