IceMap™ Ice Bridge Thickness Measurement
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Continuous, real-time ice thickness measurements to ensure safety on winter ice roads.

Real time ice thickness measurements

ice thickness measurement

The IceMap™ real-time display shows the automatically detected bottom of the ice (blue line) in real time. Users can set a minimum thickness warning threshold (gold line).

Ice, Roads & Bridges Safety

Winter ice roads and bridges are a common transportation link in the northern regions of Canada, Alaska, Europe and Russia. The Sensors & Software IceMap™ GPR system is designed to measure the ice thickness on these temporary, yet vital, links and ensure the safety of travelers using these icy roads and bridges.

The GPR-based ice thickness sensor is housed in a toboggan that is towed across the ice surface behind a truck or snowmobile. The ice thickness data is sent wirelessly from the sensor to the operator’s computer and displayed in real-time as a cross-sectional image.

The current ice thickness under the sensor is displayed numerically and graphically. As well, the minimum and maximum ice depth values for the current line are displayed. An alarm sounds when the ice drops below the user-defined minimum ice thickness value.

Rapid data acquisition enables the unit to be towed at speeds up to 80 km per hour. Low power requirements make it possible for a 12V battery to power the system.

Ice bridge thickness data generated by IceMap™ from one full season in Alberta, Canada.

IceMap™ Data Collection Software

To collect IceMap™ data, the user simply sets the desired vehicle speed (in km/h or mph), scan depth and step size (measurement interval). All other parameters are automatically optimized for best quality data.

Ice thickness software

Data Review

After collecting IceMap™ data, the Playback bar plots the areas where the ice is thinner than the threshold value (orange line). Quickly determine where the problem areas are.

ice thickness sensor survey

Data Editing

After collecting IceMap™ data, the operator can click on a Toolbar button to edit:

  • User defines the area to delete picks or repick by dragging the box edges on the touchscreen


Ice Thickness Reporting

Reports in PDF format are quickly generated from the IceMap™ data:

  • Users can define the survey name, start and end location, and any additional comments
  • Ice Calibration summary lists the IceCals performed; their location and the measured thickness of ice
  • A table of the thinnest ice sections including the total length and the longest continuous section of thin ice
  • An Exceptions table plots the areas where picks were manually removed; these areas might indicate grounded ice
  • A map view display of the IceMap™ line
  • An overview cross-section of the ice thickness for the IceMap™ line
  • Detailed cross-sections of every 1000 meters of the IceMap™ line


IceMap™ measuring ice thickness
IceMap™ GPR report of ice growth chart
IceMap™ safe ice thickness
IceMap™ software report
IceMap™ report page
IceMap™ reports

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Case Studies

IceMap in Iceland

GPR & Arctic Oil Exploration

Arctic oil exploration requires safe transportion of heavy equipment over ice-covered areas. Use of seismic vibrator sources demand that safe ice thickness  be assured and quality of data can depend on finding grounded ice. This case study follows the evolution of the IceMap system now widely used for ice thickness mapping.

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