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Parts and Service

Our Parts and Service team can help you address any equipment or operational problem. When you purchase a Sensors & Software GPR system, you get our service team to back you up at all times.

Additional antennas, cables, software and other items are readily available. If your equipment needs service, experienced service technicians are there to help you troubleshoot. A team member is just a phone call or an email away or use the troubleshooting tips below!
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Get GPR System Spare Parts

spare-parts A wide range of spare parts and auxiliary items are readily available. Whether you need another antenna, replacement for a damaged connector or just a simple clip, our parts team are just a phone call or email away.

Get GPR Service

get-serviceIf you encounter an equipment problem or failure, our service team will talk you through the issue and do as much as possible to help you get back up and running. If you do need our technicians to service a device, then we have streamlined shipping and handling procedures to make this as easy as possible for you.

GPR Troubleshooting Tips

In our experience, the majority of problems are related to batteries and damaged cables.

Please check the following:

  • The condition of your battery under load – rechargeable batteries do not last forever. To test:
    • Monitor the battery voltage directly at the battery posts with the product in an OFF state.
    • Turn the unit ON and monitor the voltage over a period of 10 minutes. A defective battery voltage will quickly drop. All Sensors & Software products operate from 12V DC. A voltage of less than 11V DC indicates battery failure in the near future.
    • Replace defective battery and retry the product.
  • The condition of each cable connector and receptacle.
    • Visually inspect for proper mating, loose pins, moisture, dirt and debris.
    • Clean as required, reinstall and retry the product.
      • If the error message still occurs, move on to the next cable connection.
      • If the problem seems to be intermittent, run the product in continuous mode and wiggle the cable connections to see if you can isolate the point of failure.