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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software

3D Voxler

Voxler module: Display Grid data as a 3D volume to Reveal Targets

Included in 3D Reveal and 3D Suite Bundles DOWNLOAD INFORMATION

Display Grid data as a 3D volume to Reveal Targets

GPR grid data plotted in 3D allows you visualize the entire data volume in one view to discover areas of interest, to pinpoint anomalies and discern patterns and trends.

GPR data automatically opens in the Voxler program with pre-set parameters when launched from the SliceView module.


plots display all the data with the same amplitude value; powerful 3D images for understanding the GPR data.

Volume Render

plots display a cube of GPR signal amplitudes color-coded to a user-selected color table


plots to display the strongest reflectors in a grid, often utilities and targets of interest. Weaker signals are made translucent or transparent.

Quickly create insightful visualizations for multiple applications
Concrete Data:

3D plots are especially useful for Grid Scans collected on concrete. They are used to reveal the embedded structural elements at all depths.

3D Plots of concrete are combined with PCD (Power Cable Detector) to reveal the location of current carrying conduits in the concrete.

Geological Data:

Plotting a volume of geological data and using clip planes, shows sedimentary depositional structures, such as foreset bedding, in 3D.

Communicate Results

Highlight important information, and easily communicate to your clients.

Export images in high quality format like PDF or TIFF or share your work into PNG or SVG.

Better yet, offer a dynamic view of the data with Voxler’s built-in video tool.

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