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Locate & Mark® - Underground Utility | PVC Pipes | Cables

  • LMX100 GPR

Locate and mark metallic and non-metallic utilities

As one of the most affordable GPR utility locating tools, LMX100™ completes the locator’s toolbox, offering a more complete picture of the underground infrastructure. Offers the perfect balance of depth penetration and high resolution for accurate locating.

LMX Family is a non-destructive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), that can locate utilities that cannot be located using traditional methods (EG. PVC materials, or utilities that contain broken tracer wires.)

LMX® has the advantage of detecting:

  • Metallic and non-metallic utilities
  • Utilities with broken tracer wires
  • Undocumented utilities
  • Disturbed soil often associated with utility burial
  • Unexpected obstacles/buried structures such as old foundations that can cause problems for excavations or construction

LMX® Features

LMX 100 utility locator gpr

LMX100™ offers the perfect balance of depth penetration and resolution for accurate locating. Data is collected in Locate & Mark mode; this provides a real-time image in the field to identify utilities and mark their locations.

LMX®’s high-resolution screen also features:

LMX DVL screen

  • Touchscreen
  • Markers
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Mini-reports
  • Internal GPS
  • Geo-tagging
  • Export Usage Report
  • USB for data transfer
  • Full collection review
  • Digital hyperbola calibration


Enhance your productivity and increase your confidence when locating metallic & non-metallic pipes with these new features:

  • Bright, high contrast color display for data visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to send mini-reports from the field
  • Internal GPS for geotagging screen captures
  • Resistive touchscreen that works with your gloves on
  • Data markers to highlight features on your data
  • Horizontal scaling to optimize target visibility
  • USB for quick data transfer
gpr usb port
USB Data Transfer
Data is saved to memory stick for archiving and transfer to a computer.
map view for radar
Geo-referenced Output
Display your location and targets in Google Earth™ and other similar geo-referenced platforms. Easily integrate utility locations into CAD drawings and GIS databases.
gpr screenshots
Screen Captures
At any point during the survey, save screen captures of line data, map views, and depth slices.



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