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Building on over 25 years of newsletter history, Subsurface Views is published quarterly and features articles on our ground penetrating radar products and GPR applications.

Subsurface Views October 2015

DynaT – Dynamic Target Enhancement
The importance of an accurate velocity when viewing GPR data
New Product: LMX200™

Subsurface Views July 2015

IceMap in Iceland- Late bronze age urban settlement in Cyprus – Finding a utility on sloping ground

Subsurface Views April 2015

FINDAR speaks for murder victims – You never know what you’ll find – 3 Day GPR Course

Subsurface Views January 2015

Advantages of Integrating GPR in Concrete Inspection – Workflow for concrete scanning – Positioning GPR Survey – GPS Offset

Subsurface Views October 2014

GPR for Infrastructure Assessment – The latest hardware and Software – Bridge Deck condition – Pavement Structure case study

Subsurface Views January 2014

GPR Locates a Hero – LMX100 Redefines Utility Locating -GPR Regulations

Subsurface Views November 2013

FINDAR Forensic GPR- EKKO_Project V2

Subsurface Views July 2013

3 Day GPR Course 2013 – Borehole GPR – Can GPR detect stacked pipes and cables?

Subsurface Views April 2013

Utility Locating with GPR – Locate & Mark- Integrated GPS

Subsurface News January 2013

Conquest Data in EKKO_Project  – Conquest Enhancement – Can GPR determine rebar or pipe diameter