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Sensors & Software provides you with a wide range of technical support. Our parts & service team are there to troubleshoot if you encounter an operational problem.

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GPR curiosity results in commonly recurring questions. This page lists the top 10 with answers. If you don’t see your question here, use Ask-the-Expert to get your question answered.

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Parts and Service

Our Parts and Service team can help you address any equipment or operational problem. When you purchase a Sensors & Software GPR system, you get our service team to back you up at all times. Additional antennas, cables, software and other items are readily available. If your equipment needs service, experienced service technicians are there to help you troubleshoot. A team member is just a phone call or an email away or use the troubleshooting tips.

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GPR Technical Support

Our GPR technical experts are ready to help. We are committed to providing fast and professional GPR post-sales technical support, product upgrades, and testing and repair services to our customers.

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GPR Product Registration

When you receive your new Sensors & Software GPR system, registering your purchase helps us give you fast and effective technical support and facilitates warranty service. The on-line registration process is quick and easy. Just fill out the form

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GPR Software Downloads

Sensors & Software writes the software that supports our GPR systems. We are constantly improving existing software products and developing new ones for GPR applications.

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GPR Product Manuals

GPR system manuals provide details on system assembly, setting data acquisition parameters, GPR survey methods and how to care for your system.

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