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Corporate Project Manager

Supported by the Director, Business Processes & Compliance, the Corporate Project Manager will collaborate with all business areas for the successful evaluation, planning, execution and assessment of all projects. The Company operates all its business units on a project basis and overall coordination across the broad array of activities is the focus for this role.

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Conquest 100 with DVL

Lead Applications Scientist

Supported by the CEO, the position provides leadership to the Science Team in developing measurement methodology, analyzing sensor data, developing data analysis software, defining instrument performance, creating corporate communications and communicating with the external scientific community.

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Service Manager

Supported by the Director, Customer Experience and Product Management, the position is responsible for driving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Service team and ensuring overall customer satisfaction. The position ensures the highest level of customer service is provided to customers to develop lasting customer relationships and ensure repeat customers.

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Mixed Signal & RF Designer

Supported by the Hardware Engineering Manager, the position is responsible for leading the design and development of RF system and front end mixed signal circuits while coordinating activities with a team of hardware and firmware designers to create modular components for use in GPR systems.

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Conquest 100 with DVL

Order Coordinator

Supported by the Director, Business Processes & Compliance, the position is responsible for gathering order information across all internal departments and submitting the orders for processing in a timely manner. The position will ensure timely, efficient and accurate processing of all sales, service and rental orders.

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