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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software


Core module: Organize GPR Data & Report Insights

Included in Examine, Reveal, 3D Reveal, Suite, and 3D Suite Bundles DOWNLOAD INFORMATION

Organize your GPR data, view results from different perspectives, and document your findings in meaningful outputs
  • Automatically organize your GPR data in the Project Explorer window.
  • See your entire GPR project in a single view in the MapView window.
  • View GPR lines in the Line Preview window.
Project Explorer window
View and animate depth slices processed in the field in the MapView window. Depth slices
GPZ Files: GPR data organization made easier – get right to data analysis because everything you need from your GPR project (GPR data, GPS, field screenshots, data images generated by EKKO_Project, photos, survey information) is saved in one single project (GPZ) file. Saving and archiving data could not be easier! GPR files
Generate Reports in multiple file formats:
Use EKKO_Project to generate data images and save them to the project GPZ file. Then it is simple to combine screenshots, attach photos and saved data images into a GPR Summary report to create a record, in PDF format, of your GPR survey. Data can also other formats (kmz, dxf, PDF and CSV). GPR Reports
Google Earth KMZ file that overlays layers of data on the Google Earth image of the survey site:

  • GPS paths of GPR data lines
  • interpretations
  • flags
  • depth slices
Google Earth image
Spreadsheet CSV of positions and statistics of interpreted GPR targets for further data analysis. spreadsheet
CAD DXF files to import interpreted GPR targets into AutoCAD or GIS software. CAD file
Attach photos, videos, field notes and any other files to your GPR project. This provides an easy way to transfer field notes into an electronic database with your GPR data and provides a complete archive of your results, allowing you to use all the information at your fingertips when analyzing your data. Adding pictures on GPR projects
3D Preview Scroll through grid lines and depth slices together to better understand subsurface targets. 3D image
Save 3D preview images as a GIF animation file. Animations can be used to help with spotting features in your data, as a marketing tool or as a wow factor in your deliverables. 3D GPR image
3D GPR image
PhotoSlicer allows users to quickly and easily overlay a depth slice image on a photo. This creates stunning visualization of GPR data and is a great addition to any report. depth slice image on a photo
depth slice image on a photo
depth slice image on a photo
For various reasons, GPR grid data often needs to be edited; whether you want to merge multiple grids collected over a large area into one large grid for data processing, combine parallel Line Scans into a grid for SliceView-Grid processing, or correct a mistake made during field collection. Grid
Geo-reference data: Add global coordinates to project data collected without GPS. global coordinates
Export GPR lines to other formats to open in other software: Point Cloud, DT1 and HD, SEG-Y, Text. Export GPR lines
Average Trace Amplitude (ATA) Plots provide a powerful tool for:

  • Quantifying the level of background noise
  • Determining the depth of GPR penetration
  • Analyzing GPR signal attenuation with depth
  • Quickly see if GPR signals are being clipped off
  • Assess the level of time and spatially coherent system noise – for users that need more than just background subtraction
  • Evaluate the relative amplitude of signals that appear in the GPR cross-section
  • Guides the user to apply the appropriate time gain function to the GPR data
Average Frequency graph
Average Frequency Spectrum (AFS) plots show the GPR frequency content and signal bandwidth.

  • This plot shows the signal quality of the GPR data and can be used to determine parameters for processing such as time filtering
Average Frequency Spectrum graph
Trace Plots show individual GPR traces (A Scans).

    This plot shows:

  • Whether the first break needs to be repicked.
  • Signal clipping that may need to be corrected.
  • Noise that may need to be filtered out.
Trace plot graph

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