Rescue Radar™ Search buried Survivors
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Rescue Radar™

Find survivors trapped beneath the surface

Find Buried Survivors In Minutes

Rescue Radar™ is designed for rapid deployment by Search & Rescue teams all around the world to quickly find survivors trapped beneath the surface.
Determining the presence of life is of utmost importance following a disaster and Search & Rescue teams need to rapidly assess where to focus their resources in the initial hours following the catastrophe.
By making use of our patented ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) antenna technology the Rescue Radar™ is able to detect movement and immobile victims below the surface.

Rescue Radar™ System comes standard with a:

  • Rescue Radar™ Sensor
  • Rugged Field Tablet
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Rugged Transport Case
  • User Manual
rescue radar gpr
Rescue Radar™ System


With minimal operator training, Rescue Radar™ can
rescue buried human bodies

Rescue Radar™ being used in Nepal after an earthquake in 2014

Locate unconscious and conscious victims
Our third generation Rescue Radar™ system is highly sensitive to detect slight motion and shallow breathing.

Effectively operate in high noise and wind environments
GPR is a reliable tool when operating in difficult environments

Seamlessly complement the use of canine and seismic rescue systems
Augments search capabilities with a reliable and proven method that detects slight motion such as breathing within seconds

scan buried human bodies

Rapid deployment and operation


  1. Arriving at the scene, operators open the Rescue Radar case and remove the tablet computer.

  3. Rescue Radar™ is placed in the disaster zone and the operator stands back and starts the system.

  5. Rescue Radar™ continuously sends GPR signals into the subsurface to detect movement. In seconds, the tablet displays the distance from the system to a potential victim under the rubble.

Rescue Modes

Easily toggle between two modes for optimal operation in all circumstances to locate victims and save lives.

geo referenced gpr
Basic Mode
Allow first responders with minimal or no prior training with Rescue Radar™ to locate trapped victims. The interface shows a life status symbol on a scale to indicate the distance from the Rescue Radar to the victim.

usb data transfer port
Time Lapse Mode
Allows the operators to locate movement and monitor an area over a period of time to reduce false alarms. A consistent life status symbol over a number of cycles (time lapses) builds confidence of first responders that a victim is still alive; either conscious and moving or unconscious and breathing.

scan for buried earthquake victims and bodies
Rescue Radar™ Features
  • Designed for the harshest environments: tough, weatherproof Pelican case
  • Rugged tablet: meets military specifications for the toughest rescue conditions
  • Extended battery life
  • Uninterrupted wireless data collection: Rescue Radar continues to operate if Wi-Fi is interrupted and seamlessly reconnects to the control tablet when connectivity is restored with no data loss
  • Adjustable depth of display to adapt to site conditions
  • All-in-one package: the system operates in a transport case with no additional setup required
  • No custom software required for operation: the system can be used with any device with a suitable browser
  • Fast geotagged results offload onto USB or via Wi-Fi
  • Low maintenance: always ready to be deployed


  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Natural Disaster
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Mining Disaster
  • Structural Collapse

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Case Studies

Operator deploying GPR at a damaged building site to locate people

Buried victim search & rescue

When disaster strikes and people are buried alive, search and rescue teams need to be readily deployed with simple-to-use search techniques. Teams commonly employ audible detection of victims’ cries for help, trained sniffer dogs and even cell phones. More recently, remote sensing technologies are starting to emerge. This case study examines the use of customized GPR technology to locate buried victims in an experimental facility

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