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EKKO_Project™ GPR Software


Optimize GPR Line Data and add your interpretations

Builds on Core to unlock tools to display, optimize and add your interpretations to GPR line data for a more complete analysis and understanding of your data.

Included in Examine, Reveal, 3D Reveal, Suite, and 3D Suite Bundles DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Add value to your GPR line data and provide a more complete analysis for your project.
Plot and scroll multiple lines simultaneously to quickly identify targets in your data. GPR data
Optimize GPR line data
New V6 R2 Feature

Use Autogain to ensure deeper, weaker targets are identified.

GPR data
Remove flat lying reflectors that mask target hyperbolas with the background subtraction filter.
Selectable color palettes
Adjust font and Axes
Velocity Calibration for accurate depth estimates
Show target position on Google Earth
Apply topographic correction to correct GPR for elevation
Document your insights in GPR line data to better visualize and convey your findings in reports.
By adding interpretations (points, polyline, boxes and annotations) to your GPR line data, you can easily point out subsurface objects and boundaries and document findings right inside EKKO_Project.
Interpretations added to GPR lines are plotted in MapView and help to confirm the locations of utilities and reveal weaker targets that could be missed.
Add interpretations to multiple lines simultaneously.
Photos, videos, and audio clips can be attached to flags in your GPR data to create multi-media flags that assist with data interpretation while analyzing the data in EKKO_Project.

Multi-media Flags

EKKO_Project V6 adds a new feature to the Interpretation module: multi-media flags, which combine flags and multi-media file attachments. This provides an easy way to transfer field notes to a specific location in your data and provides a complete archive of your results to be used when analyzing your data.

Figure 3
Clicking on the corresponding multi-media flags shows the photo, audio or video file that is attached to a flag in EKKO_Project’s MapView/LineView window.

Communicate Results

Communicate your data insights by exporting interpretations into other file formats, such as Google Earth KMZ, Spreadsheet CSV, CAD, GIS, and present to your audience.
New V6 R2 Feature

Polylines and MapView Interpretations on multiple lines can be exported to third-party software to plot GPR reflection surfaces.

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