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Basic Training

Sensors & Software is committed to advancing the skill level of all GPR users. Our professional staff participate in major workshops and meetings around the world to bring the latest information to the user.


Webinar: Getting the most from your GPR Utility Data

Utility locators using GPR learn early that subsurface objects are indicated by hyperbolas, but...

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EKKO_Project v5 GPR software

Webinar: EKKO_Project™ version 5

What's new with EKKO_Project™ version 5? Watch the webinar to find out. The topics and...

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Webinar: EKKO_Project (V4) SliceView module for depth slicing GPR grid data

Collecting GPR data in a grid and generating 2D depth slices is a powerful way to reveal...

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Webinar: Using EKKO_Project™ Software (V4) for Concrete GPR Data Analysis and Reporting

Learn how to use EKKO_Project™ – Sensors & Software’s all-inclusive platform...

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Webinar: Using EKKO_Project™ software (V4) to Analyse GPR Data for Buried Utilities

Learn how to use EKKO_Project™ – Sensors & Software’s all-inclusive platform...

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EKKO_Project LineView Module, plot GPR lines and adjust view settings.

EKKO_Project™ Software (V1)

EKKO_Project™ software training video: Open a project file EKKO_Project™ software...

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Learn the more-advanced features of the EKKO_View software including gain, velocity calibration,...

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Introduction and Loading Data Navigating the Main Screen Power Cable Detector Features and...

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