GPR Utility data: Tips & Tricks
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GPR Utility data: Tips & Tricks

A discussion of a few tips and tricks for collecting GPR data, properly marking the location of targets and interpreting GPR.

0:00 – Introduction
5:14 – GPR Limitations
8:08 – Crossing Utilities with GPR
14:22 – Marking the Position of a Utility, properly
17:53 – Ringy Responses
25:50 – Air Waves
36:42 – Grid Scans and Line Spacing
48:46 – Pseudo Grid Scans
50:39 – Summary
51:46 – Q1: Is what good or bad for GPR surveys?
53:30 – Q2: How easy is it to interpret air waves inside a building?
55:26 – Q3: What is the recommended line spacing for grids?
56:56 – Q4: How do you collect a long straight GPR line?
57:54 – Q5: Is there a plan to see pseudo grid depth slices on the data logger?
58:20 – Q6: GPR for rebar degradation?
1:01:08 – Q7: Does water reduce the depth of penetration into a concrete structure?
1:02:40 – Q8: Will GPR find 1-foot long pipe stubs off a known pipeline?
1:04:27 – End

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