GPR Question & Answer Session
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GPR Question & Answer Session

Webinar: GPR Question & Answer Session

You asked, we answered! In this webinar we answered a variety of ground penetrating radar questions submitted by our customers.

The following questions were answered:

Question# Question Time
Q1 Can I collect grid data in a back and forth pattern? 0:27
Q2 How can I merge GPR lines together into one long line? 6:34
Q3 How do I turn parallel GPR lines into a grid? 9:33
Q4 Why can’t the GPR see the pipes that I know are 2 meters deep? 22:00
Q5 What can I do to increase the depth of penetration? 25:34
Q6 How can GPR data be collected on a lake to see the bottom when it can’t see through a water puddle less than 1 inch deep? 30:40
Extra question What is the Signal-to-Noise Ratio improvement with stacking? 40:50
Conclusion 42:01