Using GPR for locating Unmarked Graves
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Using GPR for locating Unmarked Graves

Learn more about using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for locating unmarked graves. The webinar will address the following learning objectives:

  • Educate attendees on how GPR works, its benefits and limitations.
  • Set realistic expectations of what GPR can accomplish and highlight factors to consider when doing a survey looking for unmarked graves.
  • Provide a methodology for setting up and conducting a survey and analyzing the results.

Using a combination of GPR theory, instrument setup, survey techniques and data examples, this webinar will provide the community at large (GPR operators, those hiring the service, government) a better understanding of the application and methodology involved for locating unmarked graves.

Using GPR to Locate Unmarked Graves Webinar – Table of Contents

0:00 – Introduction
2:57 – Agenda
4:28 – Basic GPR Theory & Limitations
13:04 – GPR Reflections
30:56 – GPR Theory Applied to Cemetery Data
34:30 – GPR Signal Attenuation
40:29 – Other Factors for Detecting Bodies
53:31: GPR Systems for Unmarked Graves
55:16 – GPR Data Collection
1:07:18 – Grid Setup
1:16:35 – Pseud-Grid Surveys
1:21:00 – Data Interpretation Challenges
1:30:08 – GPR Configurations for Surveying Large Areas
1:34:06 – Summary
1:38:18 – Questions & Answers
1:38:24 – Q1 – Do pseudo-grids need precision GPS?
1:39:08 – Q2 – Is there an optimal speed for a GPR survey for unmarked graves?
1:40:32 – Q3 – Why does the LMX200 not allow zig-zag grid collection?
1:42:21 – Q4 – How do I collect proper GPR data in uneven ground or tall grass?
1:43:35 – Q5 – What happens if I lose GPS signal during the GPR survey?
1:44:27 – Q6 – Should other geophysical techniques beside GPR be used for mapping unmarked graves?
1:45:17 – Q7 – How does “Stacking” GPR data work?
1:48:04 – Q8 – How do you collect GPR data in thick bush?
1:49:14 – Q9 – Can GPR signal polarity changes be used to constrain the interpretation of the target?
1:50:43 – End

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