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Findar GPR Specifications

Specifications Values
Collects Data to Depth 3 m ( 10 ft )
Pre-set Site Survey Sizes 3 × 3 m, 6 × 6 m, 9 × 9 m (10 × 10ft, 20 × 20ft, 30 × 30ft)
Operational Temperature Sensor: −40℃ to +50℃, −40℉ to +122℉
Display: −10℃ to +50℃, -14℉ to +122℉
System Assembled 115 × 55 × 90 cm (45 × 21 × 35 in)
Operational Weight 22kg (48 lb)
GPR Battery Life: 4–6 hrs
Capacity: 9 Amp hr
Charger Input: 110–240V
Image Storage Up to 16 GB
Shipping Case 81 × 61 × 56 cm
(32 × 24 × 22 in)
GPR Display Full color, sunlight readable antiglare, protective coating
Data Viewing On Site: Cross-section and depth-slice viewed on
Off Site: Cross-section and depth-slice viewed on PC using FINDAR ImageView software
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid Gel Cell

FINDAR complies with the Industry Canada (IC), United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and European Technical Standards Institute (ETSI) Regulations for ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) devices

Case Studies

Two people using FINDAR in field

Murder in Sweden - GPR Guides Evidence Search

After years of police investigations, it was Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) from Sensors & Software that helped solve the mystery of missing females whereabouts.

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