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Conquest® 100


Conquest® 100 Mobility Kit

  • Conquest® 100 Trigger with Bluetooth® wireless technology

    Start and stop your GPR lines remotely with one handed operation using the Conquest® 100 Trigger with Bluetooth® wireless technology that mounts directly onto the collapsible Conquest® 100 handle.

  • Conquest® 100 Transducer Cable (1.75m)

    Provides a spare, shorter alternative to the standard 3.5m transducer cable to allow for adequate length from the display unit to the sensor head when using the Conquest® 100 handle.

  • Deluxe Display Unit Carry Harness OR Display Unit Carry Harness

    The Deluxe harness weighs only 2.9lbs (1.3 kg) and is a hybrid design of nylon webbing, high-density polymer, and lightweight steel.

    • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation to the job site.
    • Angle adjustment – increase productivity by keeping the screen visible at all times.
    • Wide straps – comfortable for long hours in the field
    • Quick release straps – easy to put on and adjust for any body type.
    • Adjusts easily to fit overtop of outerwear.
      A more affordable alternative, the Display Unit Carry Harness is also available:

  • Spare Battery Pack & Conquest® 100 Charging Station

    Double your survey time and reduce possible downtime with an additional battery and an external battery charger.

  • Conquest® 100 Collapsible Handle

    The Conquest® 100 handle can be dismantled into 3 sections for convenience and ease of transport. When fully assembled, it is approximately 3 ½ feet (1m) in length. It uses two spring plungers to attach into mating recesses on the Conquest® 100 Sensor Head. Included with the handle are two Velcro straps to keep the cables secure and out of the way.

Conquest® 100 –Carrying Case

Every new system now ships in this lightweight and portable carrying case – ideal for transporting Conquest® 100 to and around job sites. The case is watertight with crushproof protection again impact, vibration and shock. You can now purchase this case separately.
Conquest New Carrying Case

Conquest® 100 Grids

The Conquest® 100 grids are available in Imperial or metric measurements. The standard Imperial grid is 24″ x 24″ while the standard metric grid is 600 mm x 600 mm. There are two types of grids available: transparent vinyl grids and paper grids.
Conquest GPR Paper Grids

Additional Transducer Cables

Available in 3.5, 5 and 10m, these varying cable lengths allow you to connect the sensor head to the display unit, depending on your requirements.
Conquest GPR 10m Transducer Cable

EKKO_Project™ Software

Get more out of your Conquest® 100 Enhanced data with our all-inclusive software solution for managing, displaying, processing and interpreting GPR data.
Conquest GPR gpr software

Explore the many options for data visualizations and analysis with EKKO_Project software bundles.

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Case Studies

Conquest GPR case study: electric cable in concrete

Finding Electric Cable in Concrete Slab

The GPR anomaly was indeed the combined response of the rebar and the electrical cable. The cutting crew was able to avoid potential injury and the project continued on schedule.

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Conquest® 100 brochure - English


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