Our first ever online EKKO_Project course
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Our first ever online EKKO_Project course

Sensors & Software held our first online, interactive course on EKKO_ProjectTM V6.

uring the pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt to new ways of doing things. One of the ways we’ve adjusted at Sensors & Software is how we deliver training. Using a combination of on-demand courses on SensoftU, pre-recorded webinars and instructor-led online training, we’ve been able to teach and engage customers in different ways. A major component for GPR users has always been post-processing data in the EKKO_ProjectTM software. Customers have always been eager to learn about new features in EKKO_ProjectTM and various ways to output and present data. To meet this ongoing demand, we decided to host our first ever online, EKKO_ProjectTM course.
The course was split across 3 sessions, organized along the lines of the software bundles, with each session progressively covering more features of EKKO_ProjectTM. The first session covered Core, the second covered Examine and the third covered 3D Reveal. Still, the sessions were independent enough that you could register for only one or two sessions if that was your interest. The format involved teaching a concept, then splitting up into virtual breakout rooms, each one led by a Sensors & Software data processing expert, to work on practice assignments. These breakout rooms allowed the students a more intimate setting to ask questions and share the results of the assigned task.
The course was managed through SensoftU, where users could register and pay for the course. The portal also allowed them to download the EKKO_ProjectTM V6 software (if they didn’t have it already) and sample data. This provided a convenient one-stop shop for users.
Over 100 customers and dealers attended the course, representing 27 countries. The course was well received, with many people commenting on the interactivity of the course and the pace of learning. Some comments were:

  • informal nature of the teaching
  • interactive (w/everyone)
  • ability to direct chat to teacher as well as other Sensors & Software technical representatives in real time
  • learning of other participants questions & types of business involvement was interesting (in the chat mode)

Online learning allows us to reach customers worldwide, in a method that is cost-effective for us and the customer. Check out the full catalog of course offerings at https://sensoftu.com/catalog. In the future, look for more online courses and learning opportunities from Sensors & Software.