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With a SPIDAR® SDK license, a standard NIC-500 has an additional mode, “SDK Mode”, which allows it to listen and respond to the commands that your software sends to it. Develop your own software to control the data acquisition with the GPR.
Commands allow:

    1) Power up the GPR
    2) Setting up GPR survey parameters:

      a. Antenna frequency
      b. Time sampling interval
      c. Number of points per trace (related to time window and depth)
      d. Number of stacks
      e. Trigger mode
    3) Start data collection including using your own triggering device
    4) Stop data collection
    5) Check for errors
    6) Set date and time
    7) Extract date and time

We include a sample data acquisition program, written in Python to get you up and started quickly.

Full example code showing the use of each of the control functions is available at GitHub:

You have full control over the GPR data collected:

  • If you wish to save data, save it in any format you wish.
  • If you want to display data, display it any way you wish.
  • If you want to process data before saving or displaying it, you can do that.

If you wish to take advantage of the power of the EKKO_Project™ software for display and processing your data, simply save it in Sensors & Software’s DT1 and HD file formats, which are published formats available from Sensors & Software.

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