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NIC-500 Power cables

1) This 1-meter-long cable is typically used with one of the batteries shown below.

2) This 3-meter-long cable has ring connectors at the end to attach to the terminals of a user-supplied 12-volt battery or power supply, to power the NIC-500.

Ethernet Cable

The laptop/tablet needs to connect to the NIC-500 by an Ethernet cable:


The following batteries can be used to power the NIC-500 using the 1-meter-long NIC-500 power cable above:

1) Belt Battery

12V, 7.2 Ah gel cell with standard XLR connector to connect to the 1-meter-long NIC-500 power cable above.

2) Cased Battery

12V, 9 Ah gel cell with standard XLR connector

3) User-Supplied 12 Volt Power Source Requires Power cable 2 above.

Case Studies


SPIDAR® systems network any number of Noggin and pulseEKKO PRO GPR systems together into a single data collection platform and provide maximum flexibility for data collection. While the possibilities are endless, a common deployment is several systems with the same frequency spaced apart laterally to provide a swath of data in a single pass. This allows large areas to be surveyed in a fraction of the time compared to a single system. In this case study, a client needed to map soil variations over a 7.5 hectare (19 acre) field to optimize crop selection.

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