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pulseEKKO® For the GPR Professional


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DVL 500P

Plan, execute and document GPR investigations more effectively with the DVL 500P with a color touchscreen and intuitive interface. Includes GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth triggering, USB data transfer, streamlined survey setup, enhanced data collection options, and advanced in-field analysis. Compatible with all pulseEKKO antenna frequencies from 12.5 to 1000 MHz.
Key features are:

  • Mini-report: Produce instant reports from your unit.
  • Color field interpretations: Mark targets at depth with the touch of a finger.
  • In-field depth slicing: Flexible grid collection with immediate results.
  • Map view information: View a map of the GPS survey path, grids, field interpretations & flags.
  • USB data transfer: Project data is easily exported to USB for post-processing.
  • Save configurations:Easily setup, name and save configurations to increase efficiency.

Learn more about the latest evolution of DVL 500P data logger to make GPR surveys easier and your time in the field more efficient.

Deluxe Carrying Harness for DVL 500

This carry harness brings a new level of flexibility to pulseEKKO® surveys. The comfortable, hands-free operation of the DVL simplifies data collection in the SmartTow™, SmartHandle™, and bi-static handle configurations.
It weighs only 2.9lbs (1.3 kg) and is a hybrid design of nylon webbing, high-density polymer, and lightweight steel.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation to the job site
  • Angle adjustment – increase productivity by keeping the screen visible at all times.
  • Wide straps – comfortable for long hours in the field
  • Quick release straps – easy to put on and adjust for any body type
  • Adjusts easily to fit overtop of outerwear

DVL 400

The Digital Video Logger (DVL) with embedded software provides user control, data saving and real-time display of the pulseEKKO PRO GPR data.
Key features are:

  • High speed processing and display
  • Bright, high contrast, sunlight visible LCD screen
  • Weather-proof
  • Support of large flash storage memory
  • Serial port for GPS integration

DVL Carrier


The DVL carrier is used to hold the DVL in front of an operator.

Wheel Odometer

Big wheel odometer

Big wheel odometerDesigned for rough terrain. Primarily designed to be used with the hand towed transducer system. It has a T-shaped arm for easy attachment to the transducer skid plates. The odometer cable can be attached to either the transmitting or receiving transducers.

Small wheel odometer

Small wheel odometer

Designed for smooth terrain such as concrete floors. Designed to be used with the hand towed transducer system. It has a mounting post and pin for easy attachment to the transducer skid plates. The odometer cable can be attached to either the transmitting or receiving transducers.

20m Fibre Optic Cables


This plastic fibre optic cable is used to connect the pulseEKKO PRO control unit to the receiver or the transmitter. It has strain reliefs at one end which attach to the transmitter or receiver.The other end has a dual cable adapter which is intended to go into the electrical to F.O. converters attached to the control module. The cable is 20m (60 feet) long and is needed for CMP type surveys.

10/30m Transducer Cables

This cable is used to link the pulseEKKO PRO control unit to a transducer. The cable is secured in place with latches.


There are 3 types of cables:

  • Cables with no input for odometers or remote triggers
  • Cables with a connector to allow an odometer wheel to be plugged in (shown above)
  • The transducer connector end of the cable has a Canbus connector for attachment of Canbus peripherals such as a beeper/trigger

Tx, Rx Batteries


Commonly referred to as a camcorder battery, this 12 VDC 2.3 Ah rechargeable power supply is used to supply power to the pulseEKKO PRO and pulseEKKO 100A Receiver and Transmitter modules.

Each Receiver or Transmitter module has two battery compartments that are located on opposite sides of the electronic module. One battery is inserted into each compartment. Note that lead acid gel cell batteries are sealed, safe to ship and will not leak.

Belt Battery


The belt battery power supply case is a tough fabric belt and pack which holds a 12V 7.2 Ah lead acid gel cell battery. This rechargeable battery is a flexible lightweight power source for Noggin and pulseEKKO systems. Power connection uses a standard XLR connector.

Electrical Beeper trigger


The CANBUS Electrical Beeper Trigger is a standard part of the pulseEKKO PRO Base handle package.

The unit plugs into the CANBUS port on the pulseEKKO PRO Control Unit and can be used to either trigger the system from that location or enter fiducial markers. It can also plug into a pulseEKKO PRO transducer cable with a CANBUS connector to allow data acquisition at the transducer.

Fibre Optic Beeper Trigger


The pulseEKKO PRO Fibre optic beeper trigger unit is used to trigger the pulseEKKO PRO system to collect data with the 12.5, 25, 50, 100 or 200 MHz antenna sets. It serves the same purpose as the Canbus Electrical beeper trigger but can attach to the handle of the transmitting antenna so that the antenna operator has control over the data collection. This unit cannot be used to enter fiducial markers.

Fibre Optic cable repair kit


The fibre optic cable repair kit contains the replacement parts required to repair fibre optic cables and a couple of spare 1/4 turn fasteners for the handles.



Various GPS models can be used depending on the accuracy required by your application.

You will also require a GPS SmartCart Mount if you are installing it on a SmartCart.


EasyGrid is a simple kit provided by Sensors & Software Inc. to help GPR users with little mapping experience lay out an accurate grid with straight lines and all corners at 90 degree angles.


EasyGrid includes:

  • 5 Nails
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 x 7.05 m string or 21 foot 2 inch string.
  • 5 yellow plastic disks
  • 1 manual

Case Studies

Glacier Mapping

Glaciers contain large volumes of fresh water. Mapping glaciers 3D shape indicate the volume of available water. This study highlights work by University of Calgary scientists engaged in mapping the volume of Stagnation Glacier in Canada.

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