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Pavement Density Profiler (PDP)


Uniform compaction of asphalt pavement is a key factor in increasing the life expectancy of a paved road.


Federal Highways Association (FHWA) and Asphalt Institute Workshop.

asphalt pavement condition assessment

After asphalt pavement is laid down, the density is traditionally measured using point sampling methods such as coring, a nuclear density gauge, or a Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI).
Drilling core samples in newly paved roads is destructive, expensive and the results are not available in the field, taking days to get from a lab. Nuclear density gauges have safety regulations and training requirements that must be adhered to during operation. Further, all these traditional methods only measure at single points, leaving large gaps in the measurements and increasing the risk of areas in the pavement that fall outside the compaction quality requirements which, research has shown, leads to premature road failure.

The PDP Solution

The Pavement Density Profiler (PDP) instrument addresses the need to acquire density measurements of a large area quickly, in a non-invasive manner with timely results.
The PDP provides continuous profile capability that allows the variability of the asphalt pavement to be assessed over a complete area. Areas of high and low density can then be targeted for further investigation or corrective action.
The PDP works by transmitting a radio wave signal towards the ground surface and detects the reflected wave, measuring the electrical characteristic of the asphalt. The electrical information is then transformed to density for real-time, in-field results.

Powerful & Innovative PDP Features

  • Real-time output
  • Setup & Survey in minutes
  • No field calibration required
  • Collect point measurements or profiles
  • Turn multiple profiles into a map of pavement variability


PDP Features


asphalt Pavement Density Profiler GPR Pavement AASHTO


Why Choose PDP?

PDP Core Nuclear Density Gauge Dielectric Gauge/PQI
Point Measurement
Profile Measurement
Area Measurement
Measurement Time <0.1 s profiling Days 30 to 60 seconds in 2 orientations Seconds
Non-Contact Sensor No No
Training Requirements Minimal Extensive: Nuclear Materials Handling Course Minimal
Unlimited Transportation
Additional Considerations None Random cores are not an accurate representation of the pavement Gauge needs strict regular maintenance, proper transport and storage Needs clean, dry and smooth contact surface


PDP – Operating Modes
Measure pavement properties at a single location using thousands of measurements at one point. Instantly get access to PDF reports with plots and statistics with a single click.

GPR Operation Modes

asphalt pavement road condition assessment

GPR Report


Collect measurements at regular intervals along a survey line and see the variation in pavement properties in real-time.


GPR Operation Modes

GPR Operation Modes

PDF Summary Report for a Profile Line
PDF Summary Report for a Profile Line

PDP Toolkit PC Software
Generate Plan Maps
Combine profile measurements to generate a map of asphalt pavement uniformity to see the condition of paved roads and identify areas that require further investigation and remediation.

asphalt pavement distress inspection

density of asphalt pavement

Case Study
Joint quality
asphalt pavement scanning layers

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