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DVL 500

Digital Video Logger - Noggin GPR data

The Digital Video Logger (DVL) with embedded software provides user control, data saving and real-time display of the Noggin GPR data.

Key features are:

  • Bright, high contrast, sunlight visible touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • USB data transfer
  • Built-in GPS
  • Serial port for external GPS integration

Deluxe DVL 500 Carrying Harness

This carry harness brings a new level of flexibility to Noggin® surveys. The comfortable, hands-free operation of the DVL simplifies data collection in the SmartTow™ and SmartHandle™ configurations.
It weighs only 2.9lbs (1.3 kg) and is a hybrid design of nylon webbing, high-density polymer, and lightweight steel.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation to the job site
  • Angle adjustment – increase productivity by keeping the screen visible at all times.
  • Wide straps – comfortable for long hours in the field
  • Quick release straps – easy to put on and adjust for any body type
  • Adjusts easily to fit overtop of outerwear

New Case

Deluxe DVL 500 Carrying Case

This Pelican case provides the DVL 500 with the ultimate protection from hazards on the job site. High-density foam lines the interior of the case to guard against damage from shock or impact.

Wheel Odometer


Large Wheel Odometer

The large wheel odometer is typically used on rough terrains. It is easily integrated into custom configurations for unique environments or research. The durable optical encoder is fully enclosed allowing it to operate in adverse conditions.

Small Wheel Odometer

The small wheel odometer is typically used on smooth surfaces like concrete floors. The compact size of this accessory allows it to be integrated into custom deployments of Noggin systems.


2, 3, 5, 7, 10 & 30 m Cables

These cables connect the Noggin to the DVL. Each end is equipped with a rugged latch to ensure a strong connection, even when the system is deployed in rough conditions. The DVL end of the cable has a power supply cable that is terminated with an XLR connector. The Noggin end of the cable provides a port for odometers.


SmartCart Battery

9Ah,  3.6 kg, (7.9 lb), 12V gel cell battery


Belt Battery

The belt battery power supply case is a tough fabric belt and pack which holds a 12V 7.2 Ah lead acid gel cell battery. This rechargeable battery is a lightweight power source for Noggin systems. Power connection uses a standard XLR connector.



Add an external GPS to your Noggin®. Noggin® systems are designed to allow any GPS receiver that outputs NMEA strings across a 9-pin serial cable to connect to the DVL-500. Various GPS models can be used depending on the accuracy required by your application.
The SmartCart has an optional GPS mount to deploy the GPS receiver right above the Noggin sensor. The SmartChariot and SmartSled have a built-in GPS mount. For the SmartTow deployment consider the GPS Backpack shown below.

GPS backpack

GPS Backpack

We offer a GPS Backpack to deploy your when using a SmartTow configuration.

GPS Cables

Depending on your requirements GPS cables of lengths of 1.1, 2.75, and 13m are available.


Skid Plates

Noggin skid plates protect the bottom of the system from abrasion but are also curved to protect the front and back of the system from rocks, sticks and other objects encountered while surveying. The kit comes with instructions and screws for installation.
The skid plates are for Noggin 100, 250, 500 and 1000.


Swivel Mounting Posts

These posts are used to attach a Noggin to the SmartCart. This item comes complete with 2 hex keys.

Case Studies

Glacier Mapping

Glaciers contain large volumes of fresh water. Mapping glaciers 3D shape indicate the volume of available water. This study highlights work by University of Calgary scientists engaged in mapping the volume of Stagnation Glacier in Canada.

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