TIPS: Collecting grid data around obstacles
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TIPS: Collecting grid data around obstacles


here are times when you must deal with an obstacle in your grid survey area. You may encounter this in cemeteries, wooded areas or even at gas stations.

With the Noggin® GPR systems, collecting data around obstructions is flexible, easy and accurate. When you approach the obstruction and can go no further, end that grid line. You have the option of adding a line, and collecting in the reverse direction of the incomplete line. Start this line from the far side of the grid and approach the obstruction from the opposite side, as shown in Figure 1.

Noggin® 500 GPR survey result image

In this example, Lines X27 to X45 were partially collected due to an obstruction. New lines were added and collected in the reverse direction. Whenever you have to work around an obstruction, there will be a blank space where the obstruction was (as no data was collected there); the depth slice image below (Figure 2) shows an example of a blank area.

All collected lines are automatically part of the project grid and no further editing is necessary. This is easy to do on the fly and maximizes the amount of data coverage in a gridded area.