Successful Concrete Scanning with GPR
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Successful Concrete Scanning with GPR

On-Demand Training

Learn why & how from experienced professionals

More and more companies are moving forward by using GPR to safely locate embedded objects in concrete and buried utilities in the ground, prior to coring or excavation.  Don’t get left behind!  Learn how GPR can benefit your business by creating a revenue stream and value-added service for your clients.Sensors & Software will present two workshops:

  • Successful Concrete Scanning with GPR – featuring Conquest 100
  • Utility Locating with GPR – featuring the LMX100

These workshops will cover:

  1. Applications of GPR to solving real-world problems
  2. Hands-on data acquisition
  3. Creating reports
  4. Successfully integrating GPR into your businessLight snacks & refreshments will be served. Space is limited.