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Protect your DVL 500 with the new carrying case

This Pelican case provides the DVL 500 with the ultimate protection from hazards on the job site. High-density foam lines the interior of the case to guard against damage from shock or impact.
New Case

LMX® ImageView

Data screen images can be captured and transfered from the compact flash card to a PC and displayed using the LMX® ImageView software.

It is easy to scroll through the GPR images to view ones of interest, print them, save them as graphics image files or copy them to the clipboard for insertion into documents

Display Carrying Case





FINDAR charger

The tough, plastic carry case protects the Display Unit (DVL) during transportation.

9Ah,  3.9 kg, (8.6 lb),
12V gel cell battery.

The tough, plastic carry case protects the Display Unit (DVL) during transportation.

Case Studies

Mapping underground fuel storage tanks

Mapping underground fuel storage tanks at a local gas station

Real estate transactions regularly create the need for an environmental site assessment. Confirming the presence or absence of underground storage tanks (USTs) can be a critical factor in contract closing. GPR reflection mapping surveys are commonly used to identify the presence of USTs. The example presented shows five storage tanks plus related pipes discovered at the site of a gasoline station.

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