Warranty & Repair Policy
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Warranty & Repair Policy

Should you encounter problems with any of our equipment, contact our Service Department (parts-service@sensoft.ca) for troubleshooting assistance or a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Obtain a RMA number prior to shipping goods, as goods sent without a valid RMA number will not be accepted by Sensors & Software Inc. An RMA number will be provided within two (2) business days of request and are valid for twenty (20) business days after issuance. Goods must be received at an authorized Sensors & Software Inc. facility within the RMA validity time frame.

Warranty Repairs

Goods will be evaluated upon receipt to review warranty compliance and cause of error reported. Warranty for parts and labour on all Sensors & Software Inc. manufactured equipment is in effect for one (1) year from the date goods are shipped from Sensors & Software Inc., excluding normal wear and tear on equipment, consumables including cables and batteries, and third-party products for which the original manufacturer’s warranty applies.

Extended warranty for periods up to three (3) years may be bought at the time of purchase. Inspection and service are to be carried out at a Sensors & Software Inc. authorized facility only. For Warranty repairs, the customer is responsible for shipping the equipment to an authorized repair facility. Sensors & Software Inc. will cover the return shipping costs of the repaired equipment delivered to the closest International Airport. Customer is responsible to cover customs and/or import duties for the shipment. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is not transferable unless authorized by Sensors & Software Inc. in writing.

Mishandled, misused and/or tampered goods are voided from the warranty. Such items returned for repair will be processed as non-warranty repair and will be subjected to a repair fee based on the complexity of the repair.

Non-Warranty Repairs

A RMA number is required for all repairs on a product that is no longer within the warranty period. Goods will be evaluated upon receipt to determine the cause of the error reported. For non-warranty repairs, an estimate outlining repair costs, freight and import charges, if applicable, will be forwarded to the customer for approval. No repair work will commence until signed approval is received by the Service department (via email to parts-service@sensoft.ca or fax at 1-905-624-9365). All repaired products receive a ninety (90) day warranty for the repaired parts.

If the customer decides not to proceed with the repair or has not given approval to proceed within sixty (60) days of issuance of the estimate, a minimum service setup and evaluation charge of 250.00 plus shipping costs will be charged to the customer and the goods will be returned to the customer. The minimum setup and evaluation charge covers time spent on diagnostic testing to evaluate equipment performance & errors.

Shipping, Freight & Brokerage

Shipping Instructions to return goods to Sensors & Software Inc. will be forwarded along with the RMA number. Customer must follow the instructions outlined on the RMA Shipping Instructions document to ensure goods arrive in a timely manner. Customer is responsible to ensure that all goods being returned for repair are shipped with proper packaging to avoid damage and include proper documentation to prevent shipping delays and additional charges. Electronic boards must be placed in an ESD-protective bag and secured in the shipping box using bubble wrap or alternative shipping material.

Shipping damages, resulting from improper packaging will be the customer’s responsibility and are not covered under warranty policy. The customer must contact the respective carrier directly to initiate claims. Shipping costs for all non-warranty repairs are the responsibility of the customer. These charges include freight, brokerage, duties, taxes, and handling charges.
The goods are owned by the Customer and the Customer assumes responsibility for carrying sufficient insurance should the goods be lost or damaged in Shipment. Sensors & Software Inc. will ship goods without insurance from the repair center unless guidance is provided by the Customer to insure the shipment. Additional charges for shipping insurance will be billed to the customer for both warranty and non-warranty repairs.


Payment for repairs and shipping charges is required prior to shipping the goods back to the customer and can be made by VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer or cheque. If paying by VISA or MasterCard, customer must fill-in and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form sent with the Estimate. If the customer has credit terms, account must be in good standing before goods can be shipped back to the customer.


Sensors & Software Inc. is not responsible for data loss on any equipment returned for repair. Customer is expected to back up their data prior to returning equipment or inform Sensors & Software Inc. in advance to retrieve the data, extra fees may apply. Note – there is no guarantee that data can be recovered from non-functional equipment.