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Lease to Own Program in North America

Ask us about how you can get unbeatable lease options on our full range of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment with low monthly payments!



Throughout the year, Sensors & Software Inc. offers instructional courses on our innovative subsurface imaging systems. Learn how to locate underground utilities, scan concrete for inspection or locating rebar, conduits or voids, and use GPR for Archaeological research or other geophysical applications

Get a complimentary course on buying a system!


Sensors & Software’s active involvement in the field of GPR innovation has created a vast reservoir of technical and support knowledge of value to the GPR community. You can now access some of our extensive GPR resource libraries on-line. Check regularly as more items are being added all the time.


Sensors & Software is committed to advancing the skill level of all GPR users. We regularly present live webinars on relevant GPR topics including GPR data interpretation and processing. Webinars are recorded and available below. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive invitations to upcoming webinars.

GPR sees use in a wide range of interesting and challenging applications.  One of the best ways to learn about GPR and whether it can provide you with a solution is to see how GPR has been used by others. 

   Subsurface Reflections

Blog by Dr. Peter Annan

The goal of this blog is to share interesting and inspiring articles related to subsurface imaging and geophysics. Written by experts in the field of geophysics, ground penetrating radar, software development, and data analysis, this is a source for insights about the practical application of technology in the field of subsurface imaging and a place to shed light on common misconceptions in the industry.