Terms of Service
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Terms of Service

Sensors & Software Inc. encourages the use of its notes, drawings, photos, and technical information for educational and research requirements. Parties are free to use the materials which are shown below provided that:

  • a) they are used for educational and research purposes
  • b) all uses are for a non-profit application
  • c) the source of the materials is properly referenced in all usages

For material requests for use in scientific reports and publications, this agreement constitutes a formal copyright release. We request that the source of the materials be acknowledged in the publication.

For parties wishing to use Sensors & Software Inc.’s materials in their commercial and promotional activities, our materials must be used with appropriate source acknowledgement. Our materials are not to be used to infer Sensors & Software Inc.’s endorsement of your or any third party’s products or services or business activities. A copy of the material in its intended usage and form must be provided to Sensors & Software Inc. before use and Sensors & Software Inc. reserves the right to disallow usage of the materials at its sole discretion at any time.

I accept the above conditions that are placed on the use of Sensors & Software Inc.’s copyrighted materials.