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Software Overview

Software is an important component of GPR.  Advanced applications require processing and the ability to display data in a variety of forms. Sensors & Software team of experienced GPR professionals are constantly developing analysis tools and adding to our unique range of software packages to support our GPR systems.

EKKO_Project is the flagship solution for users requiring full GPR project  data management.  EKKO_Project provides a family of processing and analysis modules software in an integrated user environment.  In addition, a range of application-specific software like ConquestView and IcePicker support individual user needs.


EKKO_Project-MainScreenEKKO_Project features unique managing and display of GPR line data and ancillary data, enhanced viewing of file attributes, and the biggest benefit – use of a single file to store all information in a GPR project.  All GPR data, GPS, topography, photos, notes etc. are housed in a single Project (.gpz) file that can be added to throughout your project lifetime.

View GPR lines using LineView. The MapView window displays a map image of grids and GPS paths. Output information as spreadsheet (.csv), Google Earth (.kmz) and AutoCAD (.dxf) reports.

EKKO_Project can be enhanced with the optional Interpretation, SliceView and Processing Modules.

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Interpretation Module

Interpretation-adnotated-figureOptional module for EKKO_Project

Interactively pick, label and export GPR feature attributes for a wide range of reporting requirements.

Each interpretation has automatic or user-defined properties like color, style, markers and marker size.

Often-used interpretations can become “templates” available for new projects.

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SliceView Module

Dept-slices-cross-sectionsOptional module for EKKO_Project

SliceView creates GPR depth slices of grid data quickly and easily. Using systematic grid data acquisition integrated into pulseEKKO PRO, Noggin or Conquest systems, images at multiple depths are generated in minutes.

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SliceView 3D Visualization

Clip-planes-isosurfaces-pipesRequires SliceView module.

SliceView  supports 3D volume data in HDF and CSV file formats for easy use in third-party 3D visualization programs such as Voxler, which provides many display options including volumes, variable-opacity views, isosurfaces and orthogonal or oblique slices, rotation and different colormaps.

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Bridge Deck Condition Report Module

Bridge-Deck-GPR-AttenuationOptional module for EKKO_Project that requires the Interpretation module.

Operators follow ASTM standard methodologies to easily interpret GPR data collected on reinforced concrete structures and generate a report in PDF format.

Bridge Deck Condition Report features:

  • Rebar Response Amplitude maps – including an ASTM Attenuation Map that indicates areas of possible deterioration
  • Statistics on the minimum, maximum and average amplitude, reinforcement depth and spacing
  • Several fields for the GPR operator to fill in including the survey location, number of lanes and the GPR system used

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Pavement Structure Report Module

Pavement-Chart-StatsOptional module for EKKO_Project that requires the Interpretation module.

Subsurface layers are added to GPR lines and can be correlated to cores. Information is output to a standard report in PDF format.

Pavement Structure Report features:

  • Pavement thickness charts displaying the thicknesses of subsurface layers such as asphalt and granular
  • Statistics including the minimum, maximum and average layer thicknesses

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Processing Module

Processing-Spatial-filterOptional module for EKKO_Project

The Processing Module allows data editing and  advanced data processing including spatial and temporal filters, migration, instantaneous attributes, and amplitude spectra.

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Depth-slicing-section-viewingConquestView software generates depth slices and cross-sectional images of concrete structures on a PC.

Designed for advanced analysis and report generation, ConquestView enables reprocessing, printing and archiving of Conquest data.

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ConquestView 3D Visualization

PCD-superimposedConquestView  supports 3D volume data in HDF and CSV file formats for easy use in third-party 3D visualization programs such as Voxler, which provides many display options including volumes, variable-opacity views, isosurfaces and orthogonal or oblique slices, rotation and different colourmaps.

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IcePicker-cross-sectionThe IcePicker software  package automatically picks the ice bottom reflector and extracts the ice thickness at every point. The ice thickness data are saved as standard spreadsheet files for export to plotting programs.

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QuickMapQuickMap for SnowScan makes snow depth visualization easy.

QuickMap enables fast creation of colour-coded ski hill snow depth maps on a PC. When the SnowScan system is run with a GPS for positional information, the GPR and GPS data sets can be combined to produce colour snow depth maps.

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GeoTomGeoTomCG is tomographic analysis software used to process and display 2D and 3D velocity (or attenuation) information from borehole and transillumination GPR data.

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