Important Safety Information
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Important Safety Information

Use the Display Unit only as specified in these operating instructions or the protection provided by the unit may be impaired.

The battery charger/AC adapter must only be connected to a power outlet which provides a protective earth (ground).

Connect the AC power cord only to designated power sources as marked on the battery charger/AC adapter.

The battery charger/AC adapter is rated for indoors use only.

Do not replace detachable MAINS supply cords for the battery charger/AC adapter by inadequately RATED cords.

Do not position the Display Unit so that it is difficult to disconnect the battery charger/AC adapter.

The exterior of this product should be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Safety Symbols

Consult this documentation in all cases where this safety symbol appears. This symbol is used to inform you of any potential HAZARD or actions that require your attention.
Do not attempt to open or dismantle any part of this equipment unless directed specifically by this manual. Doing so may render the equipment faulty and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Use authorized accessories only. Incompatible accessories may damage the equipment or give inaccurate readings.

Follow your company and national safety procedures and or requirements when operating this equipment in any environment or workplace. If you are unsure what policies or procedures apply, contact your company or site’s occupational health and safety officer or your local government for more information.