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Unparalleled performance with a wide range of frequencies for applications ranging from deep mineral exploration and glaciology to high-resolution geotechnical investigations and concrete imaging.


  • Broad range of frequencies (12.5 MHz to 1000 MHz)
  • Low noise, high accuracy digital acquisition directly at receiving antenna
  • Wide range of regulatory compliant transmitters
  • Computer controlled voltage and temperature stabilized time and amplitude
  • Low power consumption

Flexible and efficient data collection

The digital video logger (DVL) has a high-resolution, sunlight-visible, touch screen and an intuitive user interface for efficient data collection. Easily adjust survey parameters including survey type, antenna geometry, stacking and triggering to optimize your GPR survey.

Wi-Fi mini-reports Email a report of line, depth slice or map view data to your customers or colleagues.
Depth slicing Collect grids of data and view depth slices right in the field.
Map view Using external GPS, display a plan map view of survey path, grids, field interpretations and flags.

Map View Using GPS, view a map of the GPS survey path, grids, field interpretations and flags.
Optional GPS Integrated GPS for post-processing and export to Google Earth™, CAD drawings & GIS databases.
Multi-language English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Farsi, Russian, Arabic.

EKKO_Project software:

EKKO_Project makes complex GPR analysis and reporting easy with intuitive tools to organize, edit, process and plot your data.

EKKO_Project makes complex GPR analysis and reporting easy with intuitive tools to organize, edit, process & plot your data.

Save configurations:

Easily setup, name and save multiple configurations on the DVL to increase efficiency in the field

Easily setup, name and save multiple configurations on the DVL to increase efficiency in the field.

Advanced Survey Methods

pulseEKKO’s bistatic antennas allow for variable antenna separations – ideal for CMP, WARR, multi-fold and transillumination surveys.

  • CMP: Common midpoint (CMP) surveys for subsurface velocity measurements and seismic-style trace stacking.
  • WARR:  Wide-angle reflection and refraction (WARR) surveys.
  • Borehole:  Subsurface measurements in boreholes
  • Transillumination: Direct one-way transmission through an object to extract travel time, amplitude and dispersion information.

Multi-channel Surveys

pulseEKKO PRO is a configurable product.

  • Mult–Frequency
  • Mult–channel array
  • Mult–fold survey


  • Geological stratigraphy: Profile subsurface stratigraphy and bedrock surface
  • Mining&quarrying: Detect changes in rock type, fractures, faults and joints for safety and resource development in underground mines
  • Geotechnical&environmental: Map depth to bedrock, detect sinkholes, locate underground storage tanks(USTs). Drainage systems on golf courses and farms can also be located
  • Forensics&archaeology: Law enforcement uncover buried caches of drugs, money, weapons and clandestine graves. Archaeologists image underground artifacts, tombs and the foundations of ancient structures
  • Glaciology, ice & snow: Measure ice thickness for winter road safety, snow depth, glaciological and polar ice-cap research
  • Structure assessment: Assess the interior of concrete and pavement for asset management and maintenance planning

pulseEKKO is designed to meet the needs of GPR professionals, addressing a wide range of GPR applications.

  • The operating bandwidth is selectable from 12.5 MHz to 1000 MHz to optimize the system spatial resolution required by target size and exploration depth.
  • The fully bistatic design enables variable antenna offsets and orientations for advanced survey types such as multi-offset, transillumination and multi-polarization.
  • The selected components can exploit many deployment configurations available for practical field operation.
  • Data are acquired in Sensors & Software’s industry standard format for analysis with a range of processing and visualization software products.

pulseEKKO components

Starting from a common control center, assemble the pulseEKKO components into a system best suited to your GPR application. Pick the antenna or transducer that provides the desired operating bandwidth.

  • Interchangeable antennas with bandwidths of 12.5, 25, 50, 100 and 200 MHz use fibre optic linked transmitter and receiver electronic modules.
  • Bandwidths of 250, 500 and 1000 MHz are provided by shielded transducer sets. Transducers are units which have antennas and electronics assembled into a monolithic package to optimize performance.
  • Several antennas or transducer sets can be used concurrently when using a multichannel adapter

Control Center

pulseEKKO Control Center
The control center packages provides the rugged data display and recording DVL along with the standard cables and power source for basic operations.

Antenna Electronics

pulseEKKO GPR Antenna Electronics
The antenna electronics have quick snap–on assemblies to support 12.5, 25, 50, 100 and 200 MHz bandwidth antenna sets. The antenna electronics package contains fibre optic–linked, battery-powered transmitter and receiver electronics modules. Fibre optics provides the high performance needed for low frequency deep GPR sounding. The close coupled electronics configuration address the demanding needs with full digital data acquisition at the receiving antenna.


Select one or more of the following antennas. All antennas are lightweight, flexible and portable with simple assembly and support structures. All the antennas have adjustable handles.

12.5 MHz Antennas

pulseEKKO GPR 12.5 MHz Antennas
Antenna’s length: 8m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 2m

  • Very deep geologic sounding applications such as determining bedrock structure
  • Glacier and ice sheet depth

25 MHz Antennas

pulseEKKO GPR 25 MHz Antennas
Antenna’s length: 4m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 1m

  • Geologic applications such as hardrock structures
  • Glacier and ice sheet depth sounding

50 MHz Antennas

pulseEKKO GPR 50 MHz Antennas
Antenna’s length: 2m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.5m or better

  • Geologic sounding and geotechnical evaluation
  • Hydrogeologic stratigraphy
  • Glacier depth sounding
  • Fresh water bathymetry

100 MHz Antennas

pulseEKKO GPR 100 MHz Antennas
Antenna’s length: 1m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.25m

  • Geologic mapping and geotechnical surveys
  • Deep buried utility locating

200 MHz Antennas

pulseEKKO GPR 200 MHz Antennas
Antenna’s length: 0.5m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.125m

  • Geotechnical and deep archeology surveys
  • Tank and barrel location, buried utility locating
  • Buried wall and man-made structure detection


The square transducers are lightweight and portable with simple assembly and support structures. Select from three available bandwidths.

250 MHz Transducers

pulseEKKO GPR 250 MHz Transducers
Transducer footprint: 0.3m×0.3m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.1m

  • Geotechnical
  • Forensics
  • Archeological
  • Buried utility locating

500 MHz Transducers

pulseEKKO GPR 500 MHz Transducers
Transducer footprint: 0.15m×0.15m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.05m

  • Engineering
  • Forensics
  • Archeological
  • Buried utility locating

1000 MHz Transducers

pulseEKKO GPR 1000 MHz Transducers
Transducer footprint: 0.08m×0.08m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.02m

  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure assessment:road, pavement and concrete structure evaluations
  • Forensics
  • Archeological
  • Military

TR1000 Transducers

This compact transducer combines the 1000 MHz transmitter and receiver into one integrated package. Lightweight and portable, it is optimized to access those hard to get at areas and contains an integrated odometer for positioning.
pulseEKKO GPR TR1000 Transducers
Transducer footprint: 0.13m×0.19m
Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.02m

  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure assessment:road, pavement and concrete structure evaluations
  • Forensics
  • Archeological
  • Military

Borehole Antennas

Borehole antennas allows pulseEKKO PRO users to investigate areas inaccessible to traditional surface GPR antennas. Crosshole surveys are performed by placing the antennas into the material under investigation and emitting signals from the transmitter through the material to the receiver.
Diameter: 0.03m
pulseEKKO GPR Borehole Antennas

50 MHz Antenna’s length:1.84m(Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.5m)

100 MHz Antenna’s length:1.44m(Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.25m)

200 MHz Antenna’s length:1.21m(Nominal spatial resolution length: 0.125m)


This new harness is compatible with all DVL 500s. It weighs only 2.9lbs (1.3 kg) and is a hybrid design of nylon webbing, high-density polymer, and lightweight steel.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation to the job site
  • Angle adjustment – increase productivity by keeping the screen visible at all times.
  • Wide straps – comfortable for long hours in the field
  • Quick release straps – easy to put on and adjust for any body type
  • Adjusts easily to fit overtop of outerwear

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Case Studies

GPR Bathymetry

Hydrologists and engineers often require accurate water depth and information about sub-bottom stratigraphy in shallow freshwater lakes and rivers. Uses can vary from estimating available water volumes to the engineering design of new structures.

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