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Concrete Scanning & Assessment

Locate conduits, post-tension cables, and rebar/reinforcing wire mesh, detect current carrying cables.

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Ground Penetrating Radar system is now widely used for scanning the interior of concrete structures. Concrete inspectors perform concrete slab inspection. When cutting and coring for renovation and repair, avoiding reinforcing bars, post-tension cables and embedded conduits is a priority. GPR can sense both metallic and non-metallic features making it a versatile imaging tool. Construction records for many buildings are not readily available and construction often differs from design resulting in GPR being the only way to confirm what is there.

  • Concrete-Evaluating-concrete-imagingEvaluating Concrete Imaging
  • Concrete-Plastic-metal-conduitsPlastic & Metal Conduits
  • Concrete-Post-tension-cables-rebarPost-Tension Cables & Rebar
  • Concrete-VoidsVoids
  • Concrete-Power-cable-responsesPower Cable Responses
  • Concrete-Slab-thicknessThickness of Slab
  • Concrete-Main-power-line-locationMain Power Line Location
  • Concrete-Hidden-electric-cableHidden Electric Cable

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Case Studies

Conquest GPR case study: electric cable in concrete

Electric Cable in Concrete

The GPR anomaly was indeed the combined response of the rebar and the electrical cable. The cutting crew was able to avoid potential injury and the project continued on schedule.

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