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Sensors & Software Releases New Software for NOGGIN GPR


ississauga, ON – Sensors & Software Inc. announces the release of new software for their family of NOGGIN® ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. Our adaptable, proven NOGGIN® GPR systems, available in four center frequencies and four standard configurations, are built to perform in the most demanding conditions around the globe. They are recognized by leading researches providing the highest quality GPR data in the world.
We are committed to continually enhance our products and are pleased to offer a software update for our DVL-500 based NOGGIN® systems. This update is free for existing customers and comes standard with all new Noggin system sales. The new features include:

1. Support for NOGGIN® Ultra 100 with the Ultra Receiver technology, allowing you to stack up to 65,536 times and see up to 3 times deeper.

  • Default system configurations for Noggin Ultra 100 SmartCart and SmartTow.
  • 32-bit data.

2. DynaQ™

  • Additional DynaQ bar colors for high stacks greater than 511.

3. Grid Scan Enhancements

  • Tag surface features by adding flags to grid lines during grid collection.

4. SliceView Enhancements

  • Add and display interpretations on depth slices to outline multiple targets in a complex site.

5. MapView Enhancements

  • Real time position indicator of the Noggin system (only available with GPS).
  • Display multiple layers including depth slices, interpretations, flags, and collected lines.
  • Display depth slices from multiple grids simultaneously.
  • Toggle on and off layers to optimize the MapView image and save to reports.

For existing customers, you can find this update on our website menu under Support > Software Downloads > GPR System Software > NOGGIN® (Note: This requires a registered user account.)
This NOGGIN® software brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to your GPR surveys. Contact us to learn more.

Founded in 1998, Sensors & Software is the worldwide leader of Ground Penetrating Radar innovations. The company offers a wide range of hardware and software products and services designed to understand what lies beneath the surface and empower informed decision-making.