Rescue Radar™ – GPR designed for Search & Rescue
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Rescue Radar™ – GPR designed for Search & Rescue

Rescue Radar™ – GPR designed for Search & Rescue
oronto — Sensors & Software Inc. announces the immediate release and availability of the third generation Rescue Radar™. Using patented ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) antenna technology the Rescue Radar™ is able to detect movement and immobile victims below the surface.The Rescue Radar is designed for use by Search & Rescue teams all around the world to quickly find survivors trapped beneath the surface. The latest release of Rescue Radar™ builds upon the features and success of the previous generations of this system.

The new features include:

Improved Ease of use:

  • Integrated GPS – to tag all data with location information
  • Continuous system operation – the system continues to collect data even if Wi-Fi connection to the control tablet is interrupted, and seamlessly reconnects when connectivity is restored
  • Built-in data storage on the unit – all data is stored on the Rescue Radar to ensure no data is lost should connection to the control tablet be lost
  • Simplified setup – the control tablet does not require custom software and communicates with the Rescue Radar, once mated, through a web browser interface
  • Fast results offload – Results are seamlessly exported onto USB or by Wi-Fi

The new Rescue Radar™ brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to Search & Rescue teams.
To learn more about Rescue Radar™, contact us or visit the Rescue Radar™ webpage.

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