October 28, 2013 – EKKO_Project – the new version of all-inclusive software solution
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Sensors & Software Inc. announces the release of the latest version of EKKO_Project, the most comprehensive software solution for GPR data analysis and management.

The new version of the EKKO_Project delivers many new features that make working with GPR data even easier. Major enhancements include:

  • SliceView Module: displays GPR data collected in a grid as a series of depth slices to reveal targets in the subsurface. Large volumes of data can be plotted and viewed quickly to assist in interpreting the orientation and lateral extent of buried objects. Depth slices can be plotted on Google Earth if geo-referenced  data is available. Grid data can also be exported as 3D files for visualization in Voxler.
  • MapView Window: now available to display survey lines in map form. The software automatically plots all grid data and any single line data collected with GPS in plan view. Maps include a north arrow with any fiducial markers added during data acquisition. Point interpretations created using the Interpretation Module in post-processing also appear on MapView providing a powerful means of visualizing the relationship between features of interest.
  • AutoCAD DXF File Output: useful for locators, engineers and construction managers to integrate GPR observations into existing drawings. GPR line paths, fiducials, point and polyline interpretations are saved as separate layers for easy import into AutoCAD software. 3D positions of targets are readily available.

EKKO_Project operates on Windows 7/8 and makes data organization, plotting, editing, processing and reporting a breeze; it is a must for any GPR practitioner.

For existing software owners, affordable upgrade paths are available. Contact one of our sales agents or representatives for more information.