Sensors & Software announces the next generation of SPIDAR networked GPR
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Sensors & Software announces the next generation of SPIDAR networked GPR

Sensors & Software announces the next generation of SPIDAR® networked GPR

ississauga — Sensors & Software announces the immediate availability of the next generation of SPIDAR® network GPR products. SPIDAR® allows Noggin and pulseEKKO GPR units to be interconnected providing a fully customizable multi-channel GPR platform.

The new release of SPIDAR® takes this flexibility to the next level with the following features:

  • Any device with Wi-Fi (or ethernet) and a compatible browser can be used to control the GPR and view data collection – no cables are required between the GPR and the control device
  • All data is stored directly on the NIC so no data collection or data loss occurs if connection to the control device is interrupted
  • Advanced timing control to ensure no interference between GPR systems
  • Multi-channel data collection with no reduction in speed when running two channels compared to running a single system
  • Run any number of GPR systems simultaneously by daisy-chaining NICs
  • Supports odometer input for triggering & positioning and optional external GPS
  • Data can be downloaded via ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or USB

There are 3 models of SPIDAR NICs (Network Interface controllers) available:

  • The NIC-500N is used to connect multiple Noggin sensors.
  • The NIC-500P is used to connect multiple pulseEKKO Transmitter and Receiver pairs.
  • The NIC-500X is an advanced system that enables complex data collection with pulseEKKO® GPR configurations beyond standard Transmitter and Receiver pairs. Operation includes concurrent receiver data collection where multiple receivers can “listen” to one transmitter for true multi-fold data collection; and sequencing of transmitters and receivers with any order of firing and listening coupled with dynamic pairing of transmitters and receivers.

The new SPIDAR NICs allow you to take your data collection beyond what was previously possible and provides the flexibility to build any GPR configuration required for your survey needs. Our professional custom solutions team can help you to build custom deployment configurations to meet the demands of your project, or you can build your own platforms.

Contact us today to learn more about SPIDAR for Noggin & pulseEKKO GPR systems.

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