New pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver
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New pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver

New pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver

ississauga — Sensors & Software is pleased to introduce the latest evolution of pulseEKKO® – the Ultra Receiver.

The Ultra Receiver builds on the world-renowned capability of the pulseEKKO® GPR brand. Data acquisition is now thousands of times faster than before. This has huge implications for collecting GPR data:

  1. Stack GPR traces up to 65,536 times, with little to no reduction in collection speed.
  2. Reduce the noise floor to see GPR signals up to 100 times smaller than before.
  3. Achieve up to double the depth of penetration.
  4. Collect 32-bit, high dynamic range data to see small, subtle, and real GPR signals
pulseEKKO GPR Ultra Receiver achieve up to double the depth of penetration.
Figure 1
GPR signals are present but masked by stronger, random, background radio noise, called the Noise Floor. Lowering the Noise Floor by stacking GPR data traces allows the weaker GPR signals to be seen.

All this means incredible opportunities for research and advancements in existing GPR applications. 

The Ultra receiver is fully compatible with all low frequency pulseEKKO® PRO and pulseEKKO® 100 transmitters.

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