New LMX Release: Enhancements for more effective Utility Locating
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May 2019 – New LMX® Release: Enhancements for more effective Utility Locating


ississauga, ON – Sensors & Software Inc. announces the release of new data acquisition software for LMX100™ and LMX200™ GPR systems. The LMX® family of GPR systems were specifically designed to make locating utilities simple.  This free software release follows our commitment of continually advancing our products to help our customers be more effective in the field.

New features for all LMX® users:

  • LMX® systems now have 4 more predefined Filter levels to remove flat-lying reflections and increase the detectability of hyperbolic responses from utilities.

New features for LMX100™ users:

  • DynaT, our patented Dynamic Target enhancement features that optimized views of small, medium and large targets, previously only available in the LMX200™ is now on the LMX100™.

New features for LMX200™:

Grid Scan Enhancements

  • The Obstacle Avoidance feature guides you through collecting a grid around an obstacle.
  • Add flags during grid data collection and display interpretations on your depth slices in the field.

MapView Enhancements

  • A more powerful and meaningful bird’s eye view of your survey site displaying depth slices from multiple grids simultaneously.

New features for LMX200™ users with an external GPS:


  • Real-time LineView and MapView displays on one screen, unlocking a new world of possibilities for locating and following the path of utilities.

MapView Enhancements

  • A real-time position indicator to always know where you are in the survey area with respect to the targets you’ve found and marked with field interpretations and flags.

The new LMX® software update brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to the workflow of utility locators.

To learn more about LMX®, contact us or go to: LMX® Family Overview Page

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