Introducing LMX150 FINDAR GPR – high resolution GPR for utility locating
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Introducing LMX150™ FINDAR® GPR – high resolution GPR for utility locating

The LMX150™ FINDAR® Ground Penetrating Radar system is a compact, high resolution GPR system for utility locating. The LMX150 FINDAR provides locating and mapping capabilities to pinpoint the location of buried metallic and non-metallic utilities.

This system features a compact cart allowing you to easily transport to site and use the unit in confined areas, while still handling all field terrains you may encounter in your daily work. The LMX150™ FINDAR®’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to collect and process data for immediate results in the field. The high-resolution GPR sensor is optimized for shallow utilities.

LMX150™ FINDAR® Features:

  • Line Scan Mode
  • Collect cross-sectional lines for reconnaissance purposes to pinpoint utilities and mark their locations.

  • Grid Scan Mode
  • Collect grids to locate utilities in complex areas. Easily collect lines around obstacles within the grid.

  • 3D Depth Slicing
  • After collecting a grid scan of data, quickly visualize the position and depth of utilities by generating depth slice images on-site.

  • Field Interpretations
  • Classify utilities in real time with field interpretations. Use the touchscreen to color-code each utility as it is located or while reviewing the line.

  • MapView
  • Quickly visualize your entire GPR survey – see line scan paths, grid locations and field interpretations on the screen in a plan map view (external GPS required).

  • Screenshots
  • Easily save screen captures of line data, map views and depth slices as graphic images for reporting and archiving.

  • Geo-referenced Output
  • Display your survey lines, depth slices and interpretations in Google Earth™ and other similar geo-referenced platforms.

  • Compact Cart
  • With a cart footprint of only 55 x 90cm and weighing 19 Kg, this GPR is ideal for easy transport and deployment in tight spaces.

  • USB Data Transfer
  • Quickly Transfer screenshot images and GPR projects for archiving or post processing with the EKKO_Project™ GPR analysis and reporting software.

To learn more about the LMX150™ visit LMX150™ FINDAR® for utility-locating or contact your local Sensors & Software representative.