February 2016 – Sensors & Software announces the CONQUEST 100 Enhanced GPR system
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Sensors & Software Inc. Announces the CONQUEST 100 Enhanced GPR System


The Conquest 100 enables you to locate rebar, post tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits and determine concrete slab thickness in real time. Conquest 100 incorporates two technologies, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Power Cable Detection (PCD), to locate rebar, conduits and live power cables at the same time. Conquest 100 is compact and lightweight, yet rugged with a long-life battery. Its high resolution touchscreen makes operation faster and its intuitive software requires little or no training.

By locating embedded targets in concrete, Conquest 100 helps you mitigate risk when cutting & coring, verify a structure’s as-built condition, ensure specifications are met and save time and money by targeting your repair dollars. After scanning, display a 3D view and quickly slice through the data at different depths. You can transfer reports wirelessly from Conquest 100 to your office or customer for quick decision making at the work site.

The new Conquest 100 Enhanced comes with EKKO_Project software allowing you to export, organize and visualize your data, slice through multiple grids simultaneously and create impressive reports.
Sensors & Software delivers subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide. Our world-leading products and responsive services enable delivery of practical and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Conquest 100 provides a rapid, non-invasive way to know what is in your concrete. To learn more about Sensors & Software products and how they can benefit your business, contact us at www.sensoft.ca.


•Locate rebar, post-tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits embedded in concrete
•Detect voids beneath slab-on-grade
•Locate and map current-carrying wires using Power Cable Detection (PCD) technology
•Connect to your mobile device and email detailed results directly from the field

**NEW** Export data and produce outstanding reports that include 3D views, line scans and multiple grids using EKKO_Project software

Drill locator


Detect embedded objects before cutting or coring:

Create detailed scans of concrete floors, decks, columns,

walls and ceilings to detect voids beneath slab-on-grade


3D scan

On-screen drill locator:

target coring position and cut with confidence

reducing the risk of hitting a conduit.





Power cable detector (PCD):

ensures safety by locating

current-carrying cables in the area