Newest release of EKKO_Project GPR Software is now available
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Newest release of EKKO_Project GPR Software is now available

Sensors & Software Inc. from Radiodetection announces the newest release of EKKO_Project GPR Software. EKKO_Project is used to take your GPR data from the field to final report, with a focus on visualizing, understanding, and reporting your results through simple workflows. EKKO_Project software is a critical tool for companies using GPR to know what is below the surface, better manage and protect underground assets, and reduce project risk.

To get the most out of your GPR data, it must be visualized and interpreted to build an understanding of the subsurface. EKKO_Project helps you to organize, visualize, understand, and interpret your GPR scans and transform your data into informed decisions.

The newest release of EKKO_Project, Version 6 Revision 2, adds powerful new visualization and output features, as well as significant performance improvements.

New features include:

  • Autogain to automatically optimize the view of your GPR data and find targets of interest more easily
  • MapView interpretations to allow you to quickly annotate linear features in-depth slices
  • 3D visualization of interpretations to allow you to display & rotate data in 3D to help reveal subtle targets that may have been missed in the field
  • Improved Geo-referenced outputs to help you integrate your GPR findings into other platforms for mapping, reporting, and integration into project designs.

These new features add to the proven power of the EKKO_Project software, providing new ways to Visualize, Understand, and Report your GPR survey. 

EKKO_Project software is now part of the Locate Performance Management suite of tools from Radiodetection, solutions that help locate and protect underground assets. Using best-in-class Sensors & Software GPR hardware, backed by the robust EKKO_Project software, allows you to leverage a fully integrated end-to-end solution, and seamlessly move GPR data from field to final results.  

For customers who already own an EKKO_Project V6 license, V6 R2 is a free upgrade.  If you own an earlier version of EKKO_Project, contact our team to learn about your upgrade options. And if you are new to EKKO_Project, you can download a free trial version.

Visit the EKKO_Project product page to download the new installation and explore these powerful new features.