November 15, 2012 – IceMap: Updated To Provide One Page Reporting
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November 15, 2012 – IceMap: Updated To Provide One Page Reporting

Sensors & Software Inc. announces an upgrade to the IceMap system to include a new one-page ice thickness summary report and updated editing features.

Long IceMap surveys can now be distilled into a one page Summary Report that displays a Survey summary, the Ice Calibrations summary, an Ice Thickness summary, User Comments, and any Exceptions from the survey.  The Summary Report reduces the large data files to the essential elements that are important to busy decision makers.

The IceMap user interface upgrade includes new editing features which are available for in-field use. The Edit mode button enables users to select specific areas of the survey and then add or delete the ice thickness measurements in the defined area by simply clicking the new Add or Delete buttons.

The embedded software is now available and is shipping with all new IceMap systems. The software is also backwards compatible to all existing SPIDAR NIC-based IceMap systems.